Saturday, December 31, 2011

Viva La New Year's Eve baby!

Thanks for tuning in! I'm on the eve of going live and I just wanted to set up shop- set the scene a little and introduce you to the cast of characters and what this is all going to be about. My name is Jenny. And you are...? That's cool. You can tell me more about you later. I'll just monopolize the conversation a bit for now.

I'm glad to say goodbye to 2011. It has been a rough year but I'm not really going to dwell on the numerous numerous reasons why. Lots of reasons. Lots. I'm just going to leave the rubble and debris behind and rebuild. The thing about rebuilding though, is that it never really happens by accident. Someone generally stumbles upon the destruction, decay or discarded and sees possibility and begins one board at a time. So here we are. Surrounded by my boards and watching me make something new.

I don't always do resolutions. It's true – you can resolve to do anything at any time. And I'm not too deeply steeped in tradition so it's not mandatory for my new year to begin with goals. However, since 2011 kind of sucked and I really don't want to 2012 to suck, I figure that the resolutions can function as bullet points for my plan of attack. So that's what we are doing. 12 resolutions for 2012. Maybe I focus on one a month. Maybe I just mix it all up so that I'm not fully committed to any sort of schedule of having to report in on any specific goal at any given time. Look. I'm looking for a little flexibility. I like you. I like that you are here checking out what the what. But I just can't fully commit to being here for you daily. Which brings us to a little background about what my life looks like in addition to this little foray of blogging I'm doing here.

I've got 4 kids in house. Scooby is 10. He is equal parts pre-teen, awesome brother, ADD, sweet hearted and smart. He shoots a mean Red Rider BB gun and has a cool outlook on the world. Princess is about to turn 7. She loves beautiful and is pretty dang beautiful herself. She is also dang smart, fairly manipulative and is going to give her father a heart attack about the time she reaches dating age – which we have concluded will roughly be about 23. Big Stuff is 5. He is adorable. He is truly just a little boy in all sense of the word. He wants to play and pretend and be a superhero. His twin sister Peanut is obviously also 5. She is the most athletic of my children and has the best giggle in the universe. Shakespeare nailed her personality when he wrote, “and though she be but little, she is fierce”. Our fifth child is not in house. She died 7 years ago but remains a part of our family and our story. Angel will come up here and there as we spend our time together. We have a revolving door of international students that we host.  Presently we have a student from Saudi Arabia.  I will call him - the Saudi.  Finally, there is Hubs. Probably you think that is short for husband, but really it's short for hubba-hubba. We have been married for 13 years as of today. He makes me crazy. He makes me happy. I mention those in no particular order. My favorite thing about him is that he gets me. My wit can be dry as a bone and keep plenty of people guessing as to whether or not I'm kidding but he knows. And we make a wicked team. When the going gets tough and the tough takes a swing below the belt – we can beat anything together.  You may have noticed some measure of anonymity in my descriptions.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you thought that those were the actual names of the people in my life.  What is a little bit funny is that my kids do have unique names and it isn't too far a stretch to think that I named my kids thusly.  But I didn't.  I'm here to share my life with you, it's true.  But if I go around embarrassing one of the people I live with, I still have to live with them. So if one of the like dozens of people reading this make fun of them - well I imagine that could make things uncomfortable around here. 

As for me – I don't do much. Yet. But that's gonna change as of tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Slow down! Tomorrow I have to spend some important time with you filling in the blanks about what the big plans are – THE plans. The resolutions. So, I might not have time to start DOING the resolutions tomorrow. If we are going to go through all this together, I figure I owe it to you to let you know what we are doing. Anywho. The kids are all in school this year so I have an unadulterated 4.5 hours of time to be purely productive on my own. And, uhm, I am not good at productive. Or on my own. So. It's good that you're here. Except that I have to go now. We are attending a par-tay tonight and I don't get out with Hubs too much – have you priced babysitters recently? SHEESH! I gotta get all prettied up and such. You all go celebrate. It's a big night. Be safe. Let's start the new year right – alive and not in jail. Meander on over here tomorrow after your hoppin' john or hair of the dog or whatever and we can get down to business. In the mean time in between time, if you have something to say feel free.  There's a comment box just right there...  Smooch.